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    Photo Collage - Pic Frame Maker- Picture Collage is a very powerful photo collage application that supports collaging and editing. Features include photo grid,change picture frames, insert stickers, insert text and change the background of the image, change the zoom ratio.

    Picture Collage support users easy to collage and edit photo with your owner style. Photo collageprovide many grid support user collage 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 photo in one photo many shape and format.After collaging user easy to edit with many stickers and many photo frame.

    Photo Collage - Pic Frame Maker- Picture Collage have some functions:

    - Photo collage : Collaging photo is a fun way how you can share some of the most important moment of your life with others and create beautiful pieces of art to hand on a wall.

    With an Android smartphone and Photo Collage Pro , the best collage market tools for creating photo collage quickly, you can make stunning collages in a matter of minutes.


    - Picture Collage : Arranging a set of images into a collage help you emphasize a theme of tell an interesting photographic story. Photo Collage Pro app provides user free templates of grids and other layouts. It's easy to create a great pic collage of your pictures.

    - Pic Frame Maker : The app contains more than 100 predefined photo collage layouts and it even allow users to create their own.

    All photo collage creates within the app can be decorated with a variety of stickers, background patterns, filters and text.

    You are free to select from over 30 different fonts, change your text size, color, style and more…


    Best of all, the photo grid app is controlled by easy to remember touch gestures that make the editing process highly enjoyable

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